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A full line of all parts and supplies for automatic transmission rebuilding. We also carry performance, racing, and heavy duty upgrade transmission parts.
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"I ordered the wrong valve body for my E4OD transmission David took care of everything for me shipped me the correct valve body and solenoid which arrived in 2 days and paid shipping back of the wrong part and also paid the shipping on the new part the best customer experience i have had in a very long time. When i received my new valve body I inspected every square inch of the valve bodies and solenoids they not only did a great job the did a superb job with the utmost attention to detail. I installed my valve body and solenoid and test drove my vehicle the transmission shift better than a new transmission. I had a hard shift from 1st to second gear and sluggish shifting in other gears after the valve body replacement and solenoids it shifts better than new. I would recommend quality transmission to anyone of my friends and family. They use top quality parts and have excellent customer service they use top quality parts. From: JASON S. of Florence, KY
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