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46RE-47RE - 518 Chrysler Valve Body & Solenoids & Harness

WE HAVE HERE A 518 / 46RE / 47RE VALVE BODY WITH ALL THE SOLENOIDS AND HARNESS COMPLETE AND TESTED. WE HAVE THIS VALVE BODY AVAILABLE FROM 1993-2003 .PLEASE LET US KNOW THE YEAR YOU WANT WHEN ORDERING. ALL THE SAME WHOLESALE PRICE! 1 YEAR GUARANTEE ON THIS VALVE BODY AND IT WILL EVEN COME WITH A NEW FILTER ON IT. 518/46RE valve body with all the solenoids, harness, new filter and tested. comes with a 1 year warranty. A refundable $25.00 core charge will apply to your order,and when customer returns their core / item to us we will refund the $25.00. Core must be complete.

List Price: $443.00
Our Price: $169.25
YOU SAVE: Save 61.8%!


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